Visitors get an adrenaline rush on<br/> the Desi Warrior website

Visitors get an adrenaline rush on
the Desi Warrior website

A gritty UI design gives viewers the taste for
true adventure

Desi Warrior, an initiative devoted to promoting a heathy lifestyle through obstacle racing, was keen that the website allow visitors to feel the thrill of adventure while inspiring them to believe in the Desi Warrior way of life and to participate in the events organised regularly.

We chose a grungy design approach and used large images and video display to bring Desi Warrior's events to life on the home page. The interface focused on ensuring that the user accessed information quickly and easily. Our UX worked on creating easy-to-follow journeys for people who registered for the Desi Warrior events, corporates who wanted to book events for their clients or for volunteers keen to lend a helping hand during events. By all counts, the Desi Warrior website has seen no hurdles on its way to gaining popularity.