Smart parents engage with the smartest tablet<br/> on the Eddy website

Smart parents engage with the smartest tablet
on the Eddy website

Eddy's user-friendly, responsive website
stars the tablet as the hero

When Metis Learning re-launched its Eddy Tablet for children, the company wanted to establish the brand as India’s smartest, safest, strongest premier learning solution for children. The focus of the website was to provide information to interested parents on the product’s features while convincing them that Eddy was indeed the best investment they could make for their child’s mind and development.

Our creative approach for the homepage was to use a vertically scrolling format, with each scroll focusing on a USP of the product. Simple clean design, friendly content and great imagery contributed to effective messaging to convince people to buy the tablet for their kids. The inside pages focused on the tablet’s features and learning content, presenting information in layers so that the viewer would not be overwhelmed by too much information in one go.